Money Magazine’s September issue focused on taking a page from the millionaires out there to reach your own financial goals. So how do you save money for the future when making ends meet today seems impossible?

Per magazine, to free up money to save you should concentrate on your big spends – Home, Food, and Car.


Grocery bills are a huge part of your monthly budget. So how do we cut down on what we spend without starving ourselves.

Some apps to use:

Get cash back. These apps offer weekly cashback deals on a range of goods. Ibotta, Saving- Star, and Checkout 51. To collect, upload a photo of your receipt showing what you bought.

Us your food stores apps and loyalty cards. Through those you can get digital coupons, special promotions, and rebates.

Look in your fridge and cupboards before you leave to shop. Seems like a no-brainer there. But if you know what you have you don’t buy doubles. You also use what you have – eat leftovers. Use food items before their expiration so your not throwing money into the garbage with each expired item. There is even an app for using leftovers – BigOven and Supercook.

And of course make a shopping list and stick to it.

Eat out less often. It may be easier to have someone else do the cooking for you but it isn’t cheaper. Eating at home is always cheaper.


See magazine, September 2016.