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Attorney Angell provides experienced bankruptcy help to the Fox Valley.

She’s ready to help you stop the calls and creditor harassment.

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Imagine life without debt

A Bankruptcy will immediately stop a lawsuit, garnishment, levy, foreclosure, eviction, repossession and all those harassing telephone calls. You don’t have to live like this. I will act fast to provide you with the fresh start you deserve.

I have helped hundreds of people file for bankruptcy relief. I can help you with a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy or an effective Chapter 13 plans to help you save your home and rebuild your credit. Let me give you an analysis of your legal options.

A simple phone call will change your life.

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How does it work?

A simple phone call gets the process started. Don’t worry about the details. I am a consumer bankruptcy expert and I’ll take care of everything for you. You will meet with me, Attorney Michelle Angell, to carefully go over your legal options. As an expert in bankruptcy law and with experience you can count on, I’ll show you how you can get out of debt. Most people that I represent in bankruptcy keep their property and get rid of all of their debts. Find out how you can become debt free today.

  • Step 1: Let’s talk, call me to learn about your options
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  • Step 2: We’ll discuss your options, and determine if you qualify.

  • Step 3: Become debt free—it’s a simple process that we can start today.

  • Your first step: Reach out today, we’re here to help.

    Michelle Angell
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Trusted by your Fox Valley neighbors

“I was treated with dignity and respect despite the circumstances. When I felt ashamed for seeking help with the process of filing bankruptcy she reassured me that there was no need feel ashamed. She was thorough, professional yet personal.”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

“Atty. Angell walked us through the entire bankruptcy process. She was patient, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a bankruptcy.”

Made us feel comfortable

“Michelle was extremely helpful in explaining exactly how the bankruptcy process worked, and walking me thru every step. I struggled for years to avoid having to file for bankruptcy; it wasn’t something I felt I had the right to do. With Michelle’s understanding nature, I came out of the whole experience feeling like I could put this behind me and have a better future.”


No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Attorney Angell brings over 14 years of bankruptcy law experience and knowledge to your case.

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